Oral surgery is an area of dentistry which is concerned with surgical care within the mouth.

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Which treatments does oral surgery include?

Foremost in oral surgery is surgical removal of teeth, particularly wisdom teeth and other retained (enclosed in the jaw bone) or translocated teeth. Another important area is the fixation of artificial tooth roots, known as dental implants. Furthermore, oral surgery covers the removal of cysts from the oral cavity and the building up of jaw bone (for example as a preparatory measure for an implantation). Oral surgery can also be used in the course of a tooth preservation measure, namely apicectomy, to help retain the natural root after unsuccessful root canal treatment.

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Highly qualified specialists tend to you at the zahnarztzentrum.ch, so that even complicated surgical cases proceed reliably and with precision. Dentists specialised in oral surgery are available in every centre so that your treatments are comfortable and safe, without external transfer. There is no extra charge for the treatment by specialists. Oral surgery is offered in all the centres. It promotes interdisciplinary cooperation between specialists and dentists, which in turn leads to optimised processes and efficient treatment.