An attractive appearance is very important for many people in both their professional and private lives, and a beautiful smile with healthy teeth plays a significant role in this. We take care to design all our treatments specifically for you in order to preserve your natural smile or to optimise it if you so wish.

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Improved aesthetics through brighter teeth

Tartar and discolouration are removed and your teeth are polished in the course of dental hygiene. Often this leads to noticeable lightening of the teeth. However, should this effect not be sufficient for you, we can fulfil your wish for brighter and younger-looking teeth using bleaching. Bleaching is in no way dangerous for your teeth, which is why it is so popular.

Improved aesthetics through veneers (ceramic)

Does the position of your incisors not meet your expectations, or do your front teeth have large unsightly fillings? With wafer-thin ceramic veneers attached permanently to your teeth, the shape, colour and condition of your teeth can be corrected. For this, your teeth only need to be ground slightly if at all, depending on the extent of the desired correction.

Improved aesthetics through correction of the tooth position

The position of your teeth can be altered using orthodontic measures, without requiring grinding. For such a treatment, our specialist dentists will incorporate a fixed or removable dental brace depending on the type of dental malposition. Orthodontic treatments are possible for children as well as adults. An orthodontist is available for consultation and treatment in almost every clinic.