Open 365 days

Our opening hours are tailored to your needs. Especially professional people often have time for dentist appointments only on late or early hours or on weekends.

Full range of dentistry under one roof

We offer you the full range of dentistry under one roof. Besides prophylaxis & dental hygiene and general dentistry our offer in most centers includes oral surgery and implantology, orthodontics and narcosis treatment (klick on services for a complete list). This allows us to give you an optimal treatment. 

Secured treatment quality

The quality of your treatment is secured through several measures:

  • We are using the latest instruments and equipment and are fully computerized with digital x-ray systems.
  • The selection of all employees and dentists is based on strict criteria which encompass professional experience, reference information, probation period and for dentists, a written exam.
  • The dentists are being coached by the center leader. The center manager checks daily all work done on the previous day by examining the patient files (x-rays, diagnosis and treatment planning) and, punctually, by performing live checks on patients and gives the dentists recommendations for their improvement or the perfection of their treatments.
  • At the semi-annual employee reviews the achieved performance level is discussed and improvement targets are set.

Trusted relationship between patient and dentist

You will be taken care of by the same general dentist on most occasions. Exceptions are emergency appointments (e.g. an sundays), where the present dentist will treat you, or treatments which require a specialist (e.g. orthodontics, oral surgery).

Emergency appointments the same day

We can take in emergency patients every day, since our centres are so big, that we can always find time for you. We do not charge any extra cost for emergency appointments - not even on sundays or on bank holidays.
Even if you intend to stay with your current dentist you are welcome to have one-time emergency treatments with us. If you give us the name of your family dentist we will send him a report which will detail the diagnosis we made and the treatments we undertook

Minimally-invasive dentistry

Our dentists do prevention oriented treatments and create personalized therapeutic strategies. Each dentist follows the principle of "minimally-invasive dentistry."